Moodle für BW in 72 Stunden

DENOG Meetup 2021-01 - Moodle in 72 hours

During the first Corona wave, many schools in Baden-Württemberg were not equipped for online lessons. On Friday evening, the BelWü (state university network) received an unofficial request from the Ministry of Education whether 4 800 Moodle learning platforms could be made available to all schools in administrative assistance by Monday. The lecture tells the story of how it went then.

The unofficial request from the Ministry of Culture was initially answered by BelWü with "LOL, uhja, no ?!". But the idea did not let us go. Hardware (maybe even enough) was there. People were motivated.

BelWü then offered to help. On Friday, servers were wired overnight, set up on the side, and Ansible playbooks were created on the side. On Saturday / Sunday a lot of problems had to be solved (SSL certificates, domains, mail, w hat are the names of all the schools? How do they get their access data?

On Monday morning, 15 totally exhausted and overworked colleagues started a rather stressful week. Almost all schools in the state now had a Moodle and were mostly very grateful. Then there was a load on the systems and the weak points in the setup became apparent, e.g. databases as a bottleneck. Only a fter a few days or weeks did everything go smoothly and smoothly, and the stress level slowly sank again.

Speaker: Sebastian Neuner