Find and rate the most awesome project

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Over thousands of years, people have done some amazing things to save, direct, conserve, harvest, clean and otherwise manage fresh water.

Find what you think is the best, most awesome, most beneficial freshwater project around the world (past, present or future) and:

  • briefly describe the project in your own words (<100 words) and provide link, examples, media with more information about it
  • which other projects did you compare it with (at least two)
  • why do you think is THE most amazing project in ensuring clean, usable water ever

By all means, include pictures, stories, links ...

We will turn the ratings on in this forum so others can rate your entry (and you can rate theirs, of course) !

(NOTE TO DEMO VIEWERS:  Because ratings automatically enter the Gradebook, only teacher can rate entries by default. To allow students to rate entries too, the role permissions for the activity must be changed. The teacher can always override any ratings or automatic grades.)

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