Forum activity in one of its five types. This time, the teacher is using a 'Q and A' forum type to ask a question that students have to reply to BEFORE seeing other people's responses. The question is a trick but the use of Moodle forum ... very realistic indeed to encourage original thinking.










The controversy and danger of dihydrogen monoxide continues to puzzle scientists around the world. AND ... it affects YOU every single day!

Have a look at the excellent US Environmental Assessment Center site - Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division and tell us what YOU think about this important issue. Are you even aware of it !? Is this a massive cover-up? How could this be?


  • Access the DHMO website (new window opens) & read.
  • Tell us what you think about DHMO by replying to the question bellow.


This is a sensitive topic and people are likely to disagree! You are FREE to reply to other people's views but please remain respectful. Remember, you must post your views before seeing others'.

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