30 Days Challenge

Assignment activity has multiple options. Here, you can see it as 'offline activity' - a set of instructions to action which can be graded, commented on. In this case, we combine Assignment activity with Calendar and Blog to show just one of possibly infinite combinations of Moodle tools .
Learning counts little if it is not transferred to real action.

Now, nobody asks you to save the world, just to honestly state what changes do you think YOU CAN make in your daily life when it comes to water use and conservation (your own & other people) in the next 30 days.

Steps to follow:

  • On the Calendar, click 'New Event'
  • Choose the date 30 days ahead from today and schedule an event titled 'My check'
  • Write down what you can realistically do by then and Save.
  • In 30 days, highlight (even add) what you have and have not achieved.
  • Write a blog entry about: your goals and ways, reasons of (not)achieving them.

IMPORTANT: tag your blog entries as "watergoals"