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You can have a look at a number of sample courses in Moodle. Most of them are public. The Moodle version is 3.9.

Highlight: There are a number of Moodle themes (designs) installed so that you can compare them side-by-side. They are: Adaptable, Boost (Moodle-default), Boost campusClassicEguruFoundationMoove and Rebel. To switch amoung them, open the Theme drop-down menu in the top bar.

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    Available courses

    Der Schülerkurs behandelt folgende Fragen: Wer war der Sonnenkönig? Wo wohnte der König? Wie kam er zu Geld? Wie regierte der Sonnenkönig?

    This online course will cover the history of visual art from its start in the caves of France to mediaeval times.

    - Imported from Moodleshare - Dave Froelich

    In diesem Kurs lernst du, was eine Aktiengesellschaft (AG) ist.

    This course is designed to improve students' conversation skills in a scientific- or engineering-oriented setting. Grammar, writing styles and speaking skills specific to students' scientific and engineering areas of interest will be the focus of this course and will be accomplished through discussions of various authentic technical-based texts.

    A course of basic English teaching activities demonstrating various H5P activities integrated into Moodle

    You can expect some great reads, great debates and fabulous creativity this year. You can also expect it to be different to GCSE.

    Contact time in lessons is just part of the learning process at this level. You need to supplement this with your own time. There is an expectation that you will use your study periods to work independently. We also expect you to work at home.

    We expect three hours of personal study as a minimum each week for English alone.

    Mount Orange is proud to have in its community students, teachers, parents and helpers from a wide variety of different cultures. This course, open to anyone, showcases the diversity of our traditions, our language and our landscapes. Please join insmile

    Ages 8-adult

    A space for staff only - not normally accessible to students.

    Important professional news, updates, documents as well as social updates and events.

    We all need water! Let's look at things we are doing well and not so well in managing this precious resource.

    Die wichtigsten griechischen Vorsokratiker im Original. Der Kurs ist für die Verwendung im Lektüreunterricht konzipiert. Er enthält eine Textausgabe im PDF- und DOCX-Format, Übungen und Übersetzungshilfen zu Wortschatz und Grammatik der griechischen Originaltexte und verschiedene Arbeitsaufträge zur Vertiefung der erarbeiteten Inhalte.
    Die Auswahl der Texte orientiert sich an den Vorgaben des Bayerischen Lehrplans für Griechisch (Oberstufe 11.3) und an der vom ISB veröffentlichten Projektliste für Griechisch.

    Spielerisch mit Hilfe von Webseiten Bilder bearbeiten, Animationen erstellen und Musikstücke komponieren.

    Das ist eine Mustervorlage für Moodle-Kurse.